Omron_Syswin 3.4 | Phần mềm Lập trình PLC Omron

Omron_Syswin 3.4 | Phần mềm Lập trình PLC Omron


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The PLC setup dialog for version 3.4 includes the following additions:

  • High Speed Counter settings (CPM1/1A, CPM2, CQM1),
  • Analogue Input settings (PLC CQM1-CPU45),
  • Added support for PLC CQM1H option boards,
  • Enhanced Startup Processing (SRM1-V2).


A license number, token, or dongle is required to fully activate SYSWIN 3.4. The license number can be found on the CD case or on disk 1.

Tokens or Dongles are no longer required but can still be used. If SYSWIN 3.4 is installed over an existing version which uses a token or dongle then no license number needed. SYSWIN will look for a  token or dongle and will be fully activated if one is found.


SYSWIN requires a PC with a 486 or Pentium CPU and at least 8M bytes of memory. It also requires Windows 3.1 or 3.11 to be running in 386 enhanced mode. On Windows 3.1, this can be checked by looking at the “About Box” in Program Manager.

The minimum recommended specification is: 486DX50 processor, 8M bytes of memory,  VGA screen, 10MB disk space, and a mouse.

SYSWIN works better if you have: Pentium processor, 16M bytes of memory, SVGA Windows driver (800×600), plenty of disk space, and a mouse.

SYSWIN can be operated under different operating systems, but there may be some limitations. For details about installation, download & read the SYSWIN 3.4 manual.


When the CD-ROM is inserted, the Auto run feature starts the install program automatically (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT only). If this fails, follow the instructions in the README.TXT on the CD-ROM.


To install SYSWIN, run the SETUP.EXE program on SYSWIN Program Disk 1. Use “Program Manager” or “File Manager” to do this (Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11) or “Windows Explorer” or the “Run” option on the Start button (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT). You must choose to fully activate SYSWIN, or run in “Demonstration Mode” or “CPM* mode”.


If SYSWIN is not “activated” by entering a valid Serial Number during installation, then SYSWIN operates in “Demonstration Mode”. In demonstration mode, the following features are not available: Program and Data file, storage to disk, Printing facilities & Communications. If you wish to activate a “Demonstration” version, then you must install SYSWIN again, and enter a valid Serial Number.


If your software version only has a “CPM* & SRM* mode” you allows only for these PLC types to be fully programmed without entering a valid Serial Number.


There is a problem running SYSWIN with PCTOOLS Desktop for Windows. SYSWIN can be started using Program Manager or File Manager, however the startup sequence has been modified so that SYSWIN can be started from PCTOOLS desktop.

In the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSWIN.INI, in the [Setup] section, add the following line:                  Splash Screen = 0. This will prevent the splash screen appearing and the “Stack overflow” message will not appear.


It is possible to adjust the communications timeouts in cases where there are problems. Heavy traffic on SYSMAC-LINK networks can adversely affect communications throughput. There are three timeouts, each of which can be overridden from their defaults.

In the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSWIN.INI, in the [Communications] section there are three settings. The values below are the defaults and are measured in milliseconds.

  • ShortRspTime = 1500
  • LongRspTime = 10000
  • OnlineEditRspTime = 30000

The “ShortRspTime” variable is the timeout that is used during initial identification of the PLC. The “LongRspTime” variable is the timeout that is normally used when communicating – it defaults to 10 seconds. The “OnlineEditRspTime” variable is the timeout that is used when an online-edit is performed on the PLC.


It is better to use a programming editor, rather than a word processor to edit the .PMF files, however you may not have a suitable editor available. The following tips will help you to use MS Word 6 with the .PMF files.

When opening and saving, you must convert the .PMF file to a “Text Only” file. The best font to view the file will be “Courier New 8″. It is best to alter the “Normal” style to “Courier New 8″ as well (use the “Format à Style” menu)

To prevent straight quotes being automatically changed from the “character to 66s and 99s (curved quotes), you need to change the following options:

  • Tools à AutoCorrect: Disable Straight Quotes to Smart Quotes option {All AutoCorrect options would be best switched off}
  • Tools à Options (AutoFormat tab) : Disable Replace Straight Quotes with Smart Quotes option
  • To insert line numbers, select the “File à Page Setup” menu, select the “Layout” tab and press the “Line Numbers” button.
  • Enable the “Add Line Numbering” option and select “Continuous” numbering. You will need to view the document in “Page Layout” mode in View menu.


When using Data Trace on C series PLCs, you must keep the trigger bit latched high after the Trace has been triggered. SYSWIN will reset the trigger bit when the trace is started.


The minimum period allowed between samples is 100ms. Due to the communications rate and PLC workload, it may not be possible for the samples to be taken at the correct rate. When a sample is missed, the bit trace will be displayed as a red dashed line. The channel trace will also be displayed in red.


Before creating a routing table it is necessary to set the “Allow routing tables” bit. This is bit 12 of DM6400 for level 0 or DM6420 for level 1. You will then be able to download and activate the table.

As a further complication you can only activate the routing table  via a Controller Link NSB direct connection or by selecting serial C-Bridging options in the project setup dialog and selecting Net 0, Node 0.


Forced Addresses.

Forced address when read display a list of current force set addresses and their state. This list is current ONLY at the time of being read and does not reflect changes made by other devices or software packages.


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